Support for HR842 from the Constitution State

September 12, 2013

On Tuesday,  Connecticut's Representative Jim Himes cosponsored The Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2013 (H.R. 842). Congressman Himes represents the 4th congressional district in southern Connecticut. 

Representative Himes became a cosponsor after hearing from his constituents about the need for increased research, education, and awareness of functional GI and motility disorders (FGIMDs). They explained the impact that these disorders have on not only the individual, but on family, friends, and the entire community.

Is Congressman Himes your Representative?

If you live in Connecticut's 4th congressional district, please take a minute of your time to send a quick email to Representative Himes thanking him for being one of the Members of Congress to stand up for FGIMDs.

Is your Representative a cosponsor of H.R. 842?

Representative Himes joins his colleagues Representatives Sensenbrenner (WI-5), Moran (VA-8), Brownley (CA-26), Moore (WI-4), Rush (IL-1), Kind (WI-3), Davis (CA-53), Welch (VT), McGovern (MA-2), Connolly (VA-11), Slaughter (NY-25), Posey (FL-8), and Perlmutter (CO-7) in cosponsoring The FGIMD Research Enhancement Act of 2013.

If your Representative is not one of these fourteen Members of Congress, make sure that they understand the importance of this legislation. There are thousands of bills for Congress to consider every session, so email your Representative and make sure that H.R. 842 stands out from all the rest! Let your Representative know that this bill matters to you, and ask them to support H.R. 842 by becoming a cosponsor.

About The FGIMD Research Enhancement Act

About one in four Americans is affected by a functional GI or motility disorder.  Current treatment options for these disorders are limited and no cures exist. These chronic conditions can diminish a person’s quality of life and productivity levels, often disrupting employment and educational opportunities for individuals and leading to significant social and economic impacts on society.

The FGIMD Research Enhancement Act offers hope for the millions of Americans impacted by FGIMDs. In addition to raising critical awareness about these digestive disorders and the needs of patients, passage of this legislation will:

  • Grant the National Institutes of Health (NIH) new authority to initiate innovative research projects
  • Establish a Centers of Excellence Program in this area
  • Coordinate research activities with the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration when appropriate
  • Call on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to improve review, approval, and oversight of treatments for FGIMDs


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