Awareness Posters

IFFGD and DHA publish a number of awareness posters which you can download for online sharing, or print and seek permission to post it in appropriate places, such as your local clinic, library, pharmacy, or any other locations where you would like to raise awareness about functional gastrointestinal (GI) and motility disorders. Click on the images below to open/download.


Is Your Life Ruled by Your Digestive System?




The Digestive Health Alliance

Gastroparesis Awareness Month - is August!


Learn the Truth About Constipation


Is heartburn keeping you from a restful night's sleep?


GERD - More than Simple Heartburn


15 GERD Management Tips


GERD Infograph


Is it More Than Simple Heartburn?


It May Be More Than Simple Heartburn


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A Little Knowledge...


Learn the Facts About IBS


IBS Can Take a Toll on Life


IBS Awareness Month


Managing IBS in the Workplace


IBS Affects 1 in 7


Students with Digestive Disorders


Gas Help


Foods and Gas


These downloads are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader software to open.