Personal Stories

The following stories have been submitted by people who are going through some of the same struggles as you or a loved one. It can be therapeutic to share your story, and your words might provide comfort to others who are affected by a Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorder (FGIMD). Click here to share your own story now.

Sheila's Personal Story

March 05, 2015
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I've had IBS with diarrhea for constipation. My stomach pain occurs after a bowel movement and can last for hours.Some times the pain is unbearable. I take Dicyclamine for spasms and practically live on anti-diarrheals. Mine was made worse by colorectal surgery that failed. My life is governed by my colon. I have to carry extra clothes in the car and wipes & underwear in my purse. My condition determines everywhere I go and has forced me to cancel many appointments or social events. I have "accidents" regularly.

Kayla's Personal Story

February 26, 2015
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Before I tell my whole backstory, I want you to know, I have found a way to manage my GERD and it can definitely work for other people, too. Two years ago, I found this treatment, and my GERD symptoms went away completely (I could drink coffee, alcohol, eat spicy food again). I'm back to having bad acid reflux symptoms-- but that's only because I was supposed to take the stuff on an "as needed" basis, and instead, I ignored whenever I felt slight symptoms again. So it's my fault.

Anonymous' Personal Story

February 24, 2015
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I have had IBS symptoms since a child, or young teenager. I first noticed symptoms (immediate diarrhea) on the first day of a new school, or moving from elementary to middle and from middle to highschool, taking my driving test etc. These were high stress situations for me. During my high school years, anytime I would sneak out or lie to my parents diarrhea would come on immediately. I thought it was my conscience telling me to behave. Then in my mid twenties, I began to have mild GERD symptoms, which increased quickly to intense reflux before 30.

Betty's Personal Story

February 11, 2015
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Hello; I am a 69 year old woman who when I was just 18 years old I had a Duodenal Ulcer. The doctors did not know then that a Duodenal Ulcer could be caused by bacteria. My ulcer was. It was caused by H-Pylori. Never knew until 15 years ago. They found it anti-bodies in my blood and for some reason they put me on a two week horrible treatment. Months later they tested my blood once again and saw anti-bodies. A second treatment caused me to have 3 Seizures. Scared my poor husband half to death.

Meg's Personal Story

February 11, 2015
Fecal Incontinence

In 2010 I gave birth to my first son and suffered a 4th degree tear- as a result of a vacuum delivery and episiotomy. Soon after I started having issues with continence but didn't really connect the dots. After a year or so of realizing that something wasn't right, I had a GI doc do a rectal exam and discovered that most of my sphincter muscle was missing. I was referred to a colo-rectal surgeon and had several more test done that determined that I had ZERO continence. I can hold nothing in, liquid or solid.


Brenda's Personal Story

February 04, 2015

I thought my life couldn't possibly get any worse. Yes, I have an amazing husband and three awesome kids ranging from age 13-22.
Sometime around February of 2014 I was called to come into my doctors office immediately. He walked in the room and had two boxes in his one hand. I shook my head, "No No No" as he said "Yes Yes Yes". My blood sugar was way of the grid. I was close to kidney failure.
He monitored me closely for weeks. And I corrected my diet, took my meds faithfully and joined the gym.


Julene's Personal Story

January 25, 2015

I was officially diagnosed with Gastroparesis in March of 2014. However, my doctors feel that I have been suffering with it for much longer. In 2007 following a surgical biopsy I was diagnosed with Reflux. I had started experiencing classic reflux symptoms with heart burn and a lump sensation in my throat. The piece that didn't fit was constant and random regurgitation of undigested food. I started anti-reflux medication and significantly changed my diet. I felt well for many years controlling my symptoms with diet. I was living as cleanly as possible,eating well, and exercising regularly.

Rebecca's Personal Story

January 24, 2015

My story begins and ends with a plea to lawmakers. Our Declaration of Independence lists our "inalienable rights" of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". I ask you to give me and my fellow sufferers with gastroparesis those rights. There are numerous medications and treatments for gastroparesis in other countries that have not been allowed in the USA. These are approved by the World Health Organization using the same strict standards as our own FDA. Why are these treatment options not available to us?

Brittany's Personal Story

January 23, 2015
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I have been suffering from what the doctors diagnosed as IBS for as long as I can remember. I can go for an extended period of time with just simple minor discomforts and live a "normal" life. But when I have what I call a flare, it's like my life stops. I go through periods where it hurts to even think about eating and the nausea feels like it eats me alive. During this time I have been known to lose up to 50lbs which at 4'11 is a dramatic weight change. While I have been told that I will never have a quote "normal life" I know that I am strong enough to have a good life.

Deb's Personal Story

January 23, 2015
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Upper GI Disorders, Pseudo-obstruction, Gastroparesis, Lower GI Disorders, Other FGIMD

Gastroparesis the beginning.
I believe my journey began in 1989 with the first migraine, but I didn't realize it. The first migraine I had was a reaction to Indocin.
I thought, at the time! And it may very well have been!
What you also need to know? Is that I was an avid exerciser, biker, jogger, and really worked at being healthy. Always had sinus and constipation issues but did my best to get around those without slowing down and you would not see me near a doctors office~~ until it interfered with my life!

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