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March 30, 2014
Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Location: PA, United States

When I was 18, I had bouts of extreme abdominal pain. The doctor said I had a nervous Stomach,That was 43 years ago. Over the years, it gradually became a cycle of constipation and bloating to diarrhea. Several years ago, I had emergency gall bladder surgery. During the time leading up to that, I had bouts of diarrhea with stomach cramps then I started vomiting every time I had the diarrhea and cramps. I thought this was all a part of the gall bladder problem. But now, I have the constipation/diarrhea/stomach cramps with vomiting every time I have the diarrhea cycle and the stomach cramps. I have to keep a basin next to the toilet because I never know if the diarrhea is going to cause cramps and vomiting. Anyone else experience this? I am so tired of having this double action going on. Has anyone ever even heard of this happening?

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