Short Bowel Syndrome

I have been dealing with "undiagnosed" digestive issues since I was 25. I have spent a majority of my 20's and now the beginning of my 30's suffering and living a life controlled by digestive motility disorders.

It all started with not being able to go to the bathroom for weeks at a time, nausea, noticeable and uncomfortable bloating (look pregnant/clothes not fitting), painful stomach cramping, chest pains and gurgling/trapped air in chest (unable to burp), weight gain, and increased stress and depression levels. It has ruined events and vacations, my attendance at work, my self-...


This is actually a story about my late husband , who just passed away on June 17, 2013 at 50 years of age. He had wasted away to 94 pounds, he used to be 210 pounds, 5'11".
He literally died from having chronic diarrhea for over 15 years which led to wasting sundrome, malabsorbtion syndrome. He also was diagnosed with Pancreatitus, Diabetes Type 1, Hyperthyroidism, COPD, Congestrive heart failure, ( he had 3 stents), SMA syndrome, anemia, bouts of ketoacidosis and gastroparesis.
His symptoms began in the late 80's with the symptoms of Diabetes, drinking large amounts of pop...

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