Progress in Washington, DC for Pediatric Health

December 17, 2013

On November 27, 2013, President Obama signed the National Pediatric Research Network Act into law, as a part of larger package of health-related bills. The law authorizes the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to carry out the Pediatric Research Initiative and to act through the Director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) to create a National Pediatric Research Network

We are excited to see this critical health bill finally become law! Support for the National Pediatric Research Network has been a part of the DHA Legislative Agenda for years. Key provisions of the National Pediatric Research Network Act include: 

  • The creation of up to 20 pediatric research consortia, with each consortium containing multiple participating institutions. 
  • The selection of consortia through a competitive peer-review process.
  • Support for the pediatric research consortia for up to five years,which may be extend at the discretion of the Director of NIH.
  • A focus on pediatric rare diseases or genetic conditions.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who has been a strong supporter of this bill, said that "This legislation is critical for advancing children's health because it will strengthen the federal investment in pediatric research by ensuring adequate funding for infrastructure and core services needed to support pediatric basic, translational and clinical research, and it will help accelerate basic research in fields that show special promise."

Help for Kids with Functional GI and Motility Disorders

In 2008, with donations from people like you, IFFGD supported the formation of the DHA Children’s GI Research Network. Six leading pediatric clinical researchers from around the United States came together for the purpose of improving the quality of life for children with functional GI and motility disorders through collaborative research studies. Implementation of this new national legislation may provide an opportunity for strengthening the DHA Research Network in the search for ways to help children with chronic GI conditions.

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